Livin’ Dreams Farm

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The Farm:

Livin’ Dreams Farm is a fully licensed and insured equine facility located in Good Hope, Georgia. This beautiful, scenic property is conveniently located about 30 minutes from Covington and Athens and only minutes from Atlanta. We are also only 15 mins from Hard Labor State Park, which features equestrian trails of various lengths up to 24 miles. The property itself is located on 23 acres, and sectioned out into four pastures. There is a fully functioning barn which includes 5 stalls, an indoor wash rack and automatic fly spray control system. We have an outdoor round pen and arena for all clients to use. For more information feel free to contact me at anytime. I look forward to hearing from y’all!

Meet Susanna

My name is Susanna Rogers and I am the owner of Livin’ Dreams Farm in Good Hope Georgia. I was born and raised right outside of Good Hope along with my nine other siblings. Growing up, my parents instilled in us the value of our Christian faith as well and the importance of having a good work ethnic. I had a crazy fun and fulfilling childhood with my siblings and all of the different animals we acquired over the years. Ever since I was a little girl, horses have been my passion and dream. For the past several years, I have been horse mom to Casey and Cowhand, an Appendix Quarter Horse and Quarter Horse. We are so excited to open up our home and family to potential boarders, and we cannot wait to meet y’all! The past six years I have had the privilege of working for the Dabney’s and their equine facility in Mansfield, GA. While working with them, I have been on the forefront of the horse industry and have seen all aspects of the horse world. I worked my way up from cleaning horse pastures to becoming a professional horse trainer and rider—so I am living proof that hard work and dedication really does pay off! I owe a great deal to my friends, the Dabney’s, for giving me the push I needed to become the person I am today with horses.

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